Delve is really what Go needed. Awesome! Are there some plans to support
remote debugging? I don't even know enough about Go to be able to say
whether that is feasible at all. But it would be really needed.

Thanks, Haddock

Am Montag, 10. November 2014 14:10:25 UTC+1 schrieb Derek Parker:
I'd like to announce the beta release of Delve, the Go debugger I've been
working on for some time.


It supports attaching to a running process, or it will start a process up
for you and begin a debugging session. It supports all the standard
debugger actions such as step, next, printing variables, printing status of
all threads, and even printing the status of all goroutines.

The project is still definitely beta, but I feel it's at the point where
it could actually be useful to Gophers. I started this project a while ago
as a fun side project to work on and I feel like it's turned into something
useful that to Go community could leverage.

Currently it will only build on Linux 64-bit (with trivial modifications
to build on 32-bit systems) with support for OS X planned. Lastly, it
supports basic variable evaluation, however support for more types and
better scoping is planned as well.

Anyway, I hope people find it useful and I look forward to any issues,
feature requests and pull requests!
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