the following is from the release notes:


    - By default, Go programs run with GOMAXPROCS set to the number of cores
    available; in prior releases it defaulted to 1.

try to set GOMAXPROCS=1 and run your program again.

if ok, that means your goroutine need some modification.

在 2015年9月7日星期一 UTC+8上午10:07:18,Yulei Xiao写道:
goroutine 93898 [runnable]:
syscall.(*Errno).Temporary(0xc82a158400, 0x7f31be808050)
net.(*OpError).Temporary(0xc828012140, 0x7f31b467eaa8)
/usr/local/go/src/net/net.go:451 +0xbd

goroutine 90150 [runnable]:
net.(*OpError).Temporary(0xc82e982690, 0x7f31b467eaa8)

My program is very slow when run for some time, and I get all the goroutine stack, found most goroutine block at Temporary. But it looks Temporary just return bool and no other code. But why most goroutine are blocked at Temporary?
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