On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 11:00 PM, Klaus Post wrote:
* Would you like to see it (eventually)?
Thanks for the write-up. I haven't put a lot of thought into
intrinsics specifically, but I'm wary of adding complexity to the
compiler, and possibly overfitting for a specific problem domain and
similarly to an architectural family.

I have also previously said this about the "table proposal" as another
possible approaach:

One could define a computational language a la halide-lang, and write
a program that worked with "go generate". This program would parse the
specialized code and generate Go 1.x code (which possibly uses package
unsafe for pointer arithmetic), or generate C code, or generate
6a-compatible assembly code, or generate GPU-specific code. Of course,
this still requires finding someone to do the work, but that person or
group of people don't have to be familiar with the runtime and
compilers, blocked on Go's release cycles, or bound by the Go 1
compatibility promise.

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