On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 12:55 PM, Aaron Wood wrote:
You say that I am causing a leak when calling Ping() because it calls
d.Connect(). Is that because I'm calling a method that takes a pointer
receiver from a method that doesn't or just because I'm overwriting the
handle each time? Either way, I should really change it as it's poor design
on my part :)
It's because if you say (ignoring error handling):

d := NewD()

then you'll print nil, even though Ping calls Connect which sets the
Handle, because the receiver in "d.Ping()" is a copy of the entire d
struct, and anything that happens inside Ping only modifies that copy.
Once Ping returns, nothing in the d variable in this code fragment has
changed. If you called d.Ping a second time, you'd Connect with a
second copy, and again drop the resultant Handle.

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