Your method receivers have a mix of pointer and non pointer receivers.
Letting "D" stand for "Database":

func (d D) GetDatabase() etc
func (d *D) Connect() etc

Note that some of these are D, others are *D with a star.

The thing is that *D gets the methods that are defined by D, but not
vice versa. (http://golang.org/ref/spec#Method_sets says that "The
method set of the corresponding pointer type *T is the set of all
methods declared with receiver *T or T (that is, it also contains the
method set of T)")

Thus, *D has a Connect method AND a GetDatabase method (ignoring the
others for now). D without a * only has a GetDatabase method, not a
Connect method.

The Connector interface includes the Connect method. Thus, *D
satisfies this interface, but D does not.

Your original NewDatabase function returns a D, not a *D, which the
compiler correctly rejects, because a D is not a Connector.

The best fix is to make all of your receivers *D, not a mix of D and
*D. Even after that, I'd still return a *D instead of a D.

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