On Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 8:29:17 AM UTC-4, kartik wrote:

Calls to my server come from other servers(and not browser). Secondly, my server doesn't close the connection ever(for performance reasons), but clients do(whenever response time exceeds, say 200ms).

I haven't configured any "ReadTimeout"(or writeTimeout) in my server, I wonder why these goroutines are waiting for days.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem? Does this occur when the client closes the connection while the goroutine is still reading? The memory on my server has been increasing steadily as the # of goroutines that enter into this "wait" state keeps on increasing.
There's not much we can do without any code to see, but most likely it's
not the server, and the http client is keeping connections open. Either
you're failing to close every request and leaking connections, or it's
possible that you're requesting from thousands of hosts, and maintaining a
lot of keepalive connections.

You should also still have timeouts on everything if you have a long
running service. You can't guarantee the behavior of every client and
server you're connected to.

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