Hi golang-nuts,

I'm shaving yaks in an attempt to add support for fchmodat(2) to the unix
package for darwin, since it exists as of OS X 10.10. However I'm running into
a few problems:

1. `GOOS=darwin GOARCH=amd64 ./mkall.sh` does not work on my system running
10.10.5 and Xcode 6.4; I get an error about not being able to find

2. If I comment out that include from mkerrors.sh, mkall.sh works. However, the
generated files have a bunch of changes (for example, SO_NUMRCVPKT is added,
TCP_MAX_SACK is changed, SYS_PROFIL is removed, the type of
Log2phys_t.Pad_cgo_0 is changed). I don't know if these changes are expected.

In general, the scripts and the generated output appear to have rotted.

What's the best thing to do here? Should I send a CL that brings the generated
output up to date with a run of the script on a modern system? What about
backwards-compatibility concerns?


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