Trying to construct a type with an embedded field where the type also
implements an interface:

type X struct {
     Value int
     // other named fields

type Y interface {
     // other method signatures properly implemented by X

/* Compile-time implementation prover */
var _ Y = X{}

The sync.Locker requires a pointer receiver - as other interfaces do. This
can be satisfied by X embedding the sync.Mutex as a pointer field. The
question is then initialization.

This works:

var _ Y = X{ new(sync.Mutex), 0}

but becomes clumsy as the number and complexity of fields in X increases
(not to mention error prone as the order and type of fields in X are

Naming *sync.Mutex in X does not work, as then Y is not implemented.

How then to initialize X or otherwise allow a direct embedding of
sync.Mutex in X while implementing Y?


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