type X struct {
     Value int

If I understand you correctly, you want to avoid having to type out the
"new" for the mutex each time you use the type literal. This should work,
shouldn't it?
On Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 3:48:42 PM UTC-7, Gbr wrote:

Trying to construct a type with an embedded field where the type also
implements an interface:

type X struct {
Value int
// other named fields

type Y interface {
// other method signatures properly implemented by X

/* Compile-time implementation prover */
var _ Y = X{}

The sync.Locker requires a pointer receiver - as other interfaces do.
This can be satisfied by X embedding the sync.Mutex as a pointer field.
The question is then initialization.

This works:

var _ Y = X{ new(sync.Mutex), 0}

but becomes clumsy as the number and complexity of fields in X increases
(not to mention error prone as the order and type of fields in X are

Naming *sync.Mutex in X does not work, as then Y is not implemented.

How then to initialize X or otherwise allow a direct embedding of
sync.Mutex in X while implementing Y?

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