It runs in 15 milliseconds on my pc with go1.5, look:

httpstress-go http://localhost -c 200
   - Location: http://localhost
     Count: 200
Elapsed time: 15.417136ms

Il giorno giovedì 20 agosto 2015 14:37:47 UTC+2, Vasily Korytov ha scritto:

When Go 1.3 was out, it was an improvement in speed. But on Go 1.4 and Go
1.5 there are severe regressions in `optimized' algorythms like the garbage

I have an application at https://github.com/chillum/httpstress-go, which
I announced here some time ago.

And when I run it like `httpstress-go http://localhost -c 200`:

* with 1.3 execution time is 9 MS
* with 1.5 it's 2 seconds
* with 1.4 it's in between

I have nothing listening at that URL and attempted multiple tries to
achive those measures.

Go language upon release was a strong and fast concurrent platform. But
with the next subsequent release, it's getting `optimized' and now it works
much slower. 9ms to 2s -- does that matter?

I'm using the old 1.3.3 for now, but what's the future? The 1.6 will take
10 seconds to complete my task, that was done in 9ms with Go 1.3?

I don't think, that's a proper evolution, guys.
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