Thanks Dustin. Yeah, I missed that part. I don't really need close here.

On Friday, August 7, 2015 at 6:16:54 PM UTC-7, Dustin wrote:

Couple quick points:

* lose the default case in your for loop. You want that select statment to
block until one of the channels is ready, otherwise you have a busy loop.
Your playground code actually returns "process took too long" because of

* remove the close(deltaChan) from the counter close, if you have a
concurrent call to Add() with close it will cause a panic.

* for add & get value, use a select statement and include done, otherwise
they will block indef. if they are called after Close(). I would call
close(done) instead of sending on done so that it broadcasts as well.

And yes, if you want Get() to include your call to Add() after Add
returns, then it would have to be an unbuffered channel.
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