There is also Quasar
<http://blog.paralleluniverse.co/2014/05/01/modern-java/> which brings CSP
to the JVM. It solves the problem that the JVM does not have green threads
through the use of fibers. Nested operations on channels are also possible
as it makes use of continuations. It uses this
<http://www.matthiasmann.de/content/view/24/26/> continuation

There is a little layer on top of it named Wilco.kt
<https://github.com/oplohmann/Wilco.kt> which adds some abstractions so
that things look almost the same as in Go. Wilco.kt is written in Kotlin
(but Kotlin is also a JVM language like Java).

is the equivalent of the pipeline sample <https://blog.golang.org/pipelines>
from the Go blog. If you look at the subclasses og GoTest you see more
Kotlin test cases where classic Go concurrency solutions are solved the
same way in Quasar/Wilco.kt.

Note that continuations in Quasar rely on byte code manipulation (as all
continuations libraries for the JVM). So when you run the samples you need
set this VM option: -javaagent:${PathToQuasarCore.jar}. Otherwise things
won't work.

-- Haddock

Am Dienstag, 4. August 2015 19:34:00 UTC+2 schrieb Hiroshi Sakurai:

I've made a Java library which provides Golang-like channel and select.

It may be of interest to you if you have to use Java for work.
Any feedback is welcome.

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