It appears that problem is in 3rd party which cant handle more than 3k
req/min, no?
I dont see where Golang fails

четверг, 2 июля 2015 г., 20:57:08 UTC+3 пользователь niraj kumar написал:

( To Optimize GO lang API to support heavy traffic )

We have used Go Lang(first time) to make an API for one of our service,
and now we are working to improve it.

Our service in GO is being called by another service(written in Java,
Till now We have observed a rate of 9000-1100 request per minutes( some
times in heavy traffic, but 3000-4000/min call are aerage ), and we are not
live even for 10-12 % of our production capacity.

For every request to our GO server we are calling to a third party api,
process their result and return it as our response

Issue I am facing :
When we are getting 3k-4k calls per min then we are able to return some
2500-2800 responses within 700ms(rest we return as time out for 3rd party
api), but when request to our GO server increases to 8000-10000 per min our
responses(within 700ms) hardly increases.
Most of the calls to third party(during high traffic) gets i/o timeout

We have keept (for our 3rd party API)
connectionTimeOutStr := "400ms"
readTimeOutStr := "600ms"

* machine we are using is : 8core, 23GB, Linux

Thanks & Regards
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