I would file separate issues.

Note that

cmd/compile/internal/big/floatconv.go:367:2 m


math/big/ftoa.go:285:2 m

are actually the same. The internal big package is just a copy
of the math/big one. In this case we have slighty different files because
the math/big floatconv.go was recently refactored (and the changes not
immediately ported to the internal package).

Il giorno sabato 30 maggio 2015 22:44:43 UTC+2, gordon...@gmail.com ha
After filing [0], I wrote a tool [1] to investigate the occurrence of the
proposed "assigned and not used" error. Running it on the standard library
and whatever was in my GOPATH (not much) turned up 72 instances, most of
which are just sloppy code, but 7 of which are clearly bugs:

cmd/compile/internal/big/floatconv.go:367:2 m
cmd/cover/cover_test.go:62:2 err
cmd/pprof/internal/profile/profile.go:131:10 err
math/big/ftoa.go:285:2 m
net/file_unix.go:66:7 err
golang.org/x/mobile/app/android.go:175:2 queue
golang.org/x/net/icmp/listen_posix.go:83:6 err

Should I file a single issue for all of these?

Some of the other instances may well be bugs. I encourage you to look at
the full lists (in [1]) and to run it on your own code.

I suppose this should be incorporated into go vet. Anyone is welcome to
adapt my code, or maybe I'll get around to it sometime.

[0] https://github.com/golang/go/issues/10989
[1] https://github.com/gordonklaus/ineffassign
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