On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 3:44 AM, Rick Smith wrote:
This is a very fair statement; I will create a github package. To ensure
that I don't bother you prematurely, what do you consider "overwhelming
usage"? 100 stars of github? Or some other metric perhaps?
There's no single metric that defines "overwhelming". It's not a game
where 100 github stars lets you level up.

To be honest, though, I don't see much demand for this. For example,
I've been on the mailing list since day 0, and grepping my mail for
[golang-nuts draw ellipse] gives me about 1 post a year.

To be clear, I get your skepticism about the need for these functions. I
just want to make sure that should I get sufficient traction, my code is
such that you'd be consider merging it into the stdlib. So please, provide
a little more feedback for me if you could.
If your code does get good traction, then we can always debate whether
and how the API should change as it moves to the stdlib, especially if
we can back up any argument with things like "with two years of
hindsight, users want to do X more often than we first expected, don't
use Y at all, and doing Z efficiently is hard, so let's change such
and such". Until then, I'd just recommend scratching whatever your
immediate itch is, and resist the urge for premature generalization.

If you want a concrete suggestion, I'd add a radius argument to your
Draw/FillCircle functions. :-)

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