This is some cool stuff, Giulio. Have you thought of adding some user
specifyable version number so that the server could detect version mismatch?

Cheers, Oliver

Am Montag, 27. April 2015 15:15:09 UTC+2 schrieb Giulio Iotti:
Hello Gophers,

I have written a basic library for writing out-of-process plugins. It is
entirely programmatic and with a (hopefully) simple API.

Pingo: https://github.com/dullgiulio/pingo

It's currently no more than the basics: starting the subprocess,
connecting (tcp or unix socket) and then the interface is basically the
same as standard RPC (which it uses internally).

Although there are projects out there doing exactly this, I couldn't find
a stand alone library, so I wrote one.

Any feedback/pull-requests appreciated!

Thank you!

Giulio Iotti
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