I'm trying to create an OCSP request that is exactly the same as the one
generated by OpenSSL. The same ASN1 encoding is needed because the base64
encoded GET request would be different if the ASN1 structure would
different and not be able to benefit from any HTTP caching and it would
also make smaller requests.

After decoding the ASN1 I found that OpenSSL is ignoring the Version value
in the tbsRequest (or just not setting is) because the value is the same as
the default value (0). GO doesn't look at the default value in Marshal, so
I thought we could use the omitempty parameter. But unfortunately an
integer can't be empty so will always be included.

Would it make sense if the encoding/asn1 package would look at the default
value and compared this with the requested value and omits the field if it
contains the default?



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