Oh, that is nice. Searches for adler32 on godoc.org did not yield that

To comment about the differences between implementations, in case anyone

- From what I see, the window size is hardcoded to 64 bytes in Camlistore,
while in my implementation it is determined by the first Write(). That is
certainly not a problem, because I don't see a reason to change the window
size once someone has settled for one in a given project, but that's a

- My implementation satisfies the hash.Hash interface, while the one in
Camlistore does not. But that will not bring you much, because the point of
a rolling checksum is to be able to Roll, which is not possible with this
hash.Hash interface.

- I have a bunch of tests trying to show that it yields the same results as
the vanilla adler32 implementation, and I see no such tests in Camlistore.
But Camlistore seems like a large, well maintained project, so there is no
reason not to trust that code.

And that's it, roughly. I am not saying one is better than the other, I
just wanted to point out the differences in case that helps someone make
their choice.

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