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Hello gophers!

I am trying to find what is idiomatic or even a good way to structure a
large "context". So this application has an interface Machine that has its
implementation switched out on different machines. Problem I have is with
testing. If I just want to stub out a single method of that interface I
have to create a stub struct with a bunch of empty functions, it becomes
unwieldy in tests. I have heard of three approaches, mock lib, split the
interface, and have a struct with function values.

Mock lib approach I would rather avoid.

Splitting the interface has the issue that now I have to pass around all
the split interfaces which are roughly equal in number to the functions in
One approach that might work for you is to embed the Machine interface.
This gives you for "free" a test struct that implements the Machine
interface, and allows you to override specific methods for testing.

type machineF struct {

func (machineF) F() {
    ... stubbed method here.

In your test:
var mf machineF
... use mf as a Machine


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