Hello gophers!

I am trying to find what is idiomatic or even a good way to structure a
large "context". So this application has an interface Machine that has its
implementation switched out on different machines. Problem I have is with
testing. If I just want to stub out a single method of that interface I
have to create a stub struct with a bunch of empty functions, it becomes
unwieldy in tests. I have heard of three approaches, mock lib, split the
interface, and have a struct with function values.

Mock lib approach I would rather avoid.

Splitting the interface has the issue that now I have to pass around all
the split interfaces which are roughly equal in number to the functions in

Struct with function values is odd because I am still passing this whole
thing around whereas a portion of the application or my tests really only
need the one function. Perhaps small and not measured but I imagine it is
slower because of the extra indirection.

My intuition tells me I should be able to do it with better interface
design but I'm coming up with nothing :(

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