On Friday, 17 April 2015 09:04:55 UTC+3, jonathan...@gmail.com wrote:
Hey Egon, Yes those are the kinds of things in Machine, actions too like
ChangeRaid() or whatever. So this sounds like what Paul was suggesting but
how do the extra interfaces help? Could you guys point out some usages in
the standard lib maybe (or stdlib tests) which use interfaces embedded in
I don't know such examples in stdlib.

Maybe these help you out:

They also use interfaces a lot and are similar in building "machines".

The extra interfaces help, by being able to stub them out: e.g.

type Machine struct {

func TestCPU() {
m := Machine{CPU: NewCPU(), RAM: ramStub{}}
// ...

func TestMem() {
m := Machine{CPU: cpuStub(), RAM: NewRAM()}
// ...

Also could you elaborate more on the context. I mean I have no clue what it
is supposed to do (https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/howtoask). Essentially
you know what you are talking about and it seems like I got the gist of it,
but really I don't. (See Barnum effect)

Essentially... who will use the thing you build, where will it be used, how
is it valuable to the end user etc.

+ Egon

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