Add a method AllSubSystems() to House that returns a slice containing all ComputerSystems,
BiologicalSystems, PlumbingSystems. Then you can do this:

func (allSystems *AllSystems) AreGo() bool {
for _, system := range(AllSystems.AllSubSystems()) {
if !system.IsGo() {
return false
         return true;

For this to work make sure that ComputerSystem, BiologicalSystem, PlumbingSystem
implement a common interface with a function IsGo().

Am Mittwoch, 1. April 2015 13:42:12 UTC+2 schrieb Bayan Khalili:
I am trying to reduce the amount of code duplication where I iterate
through a number of slices of different types, but where the same method is
called for each type.
I've constructed a (much shorter and simpler) example to illustrate.

Assume we have the following types defined:

type ComputerSystem struct { ... }
type BiologicalSystem struct { ... }
type PlumbingSystem struct { ... }
type AllSystems struct {
ComputerSystems []*ComputerSystem
BiologicalSystems []*BiologicalSystem
PlumbingSystems []*PlumbingSystem

And each of the "System" types have an "IsGo" method defined with the same
arguments and return type. I.e.:

func (s *ComputerSystem) IsGo() bool { ... }
func (s *BiologicalSystem) IsGo() bool { ... }
func (s *PlumbingSystem) IsGo() bool { ... }

I have written a method that checks if an AllSystems instance returns
false for any of it's subsystems:

func (allSystems *AllSystems) AreGo() bool {
for _, system := range(allSystems.ComputerSystems) {
if !system.IsGo() {
return false
for _, system := range(allSystems.BiologicalSystems) {
if !system.IsGo() {
return false
for _, system := range(allSystems.PlumbingSystems) {
if !system.IsGo() {
return false
return true

The code includes an identical for loop for each sub system slice.

Is there a way to DRY this up?
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