here is a blog post that talks about Go and OOP which might be insightful:


Regards, Werner

Am Dienstag, 17. März 2015 10:55:48 UTC+1 schrieb Michael Vetter:
Hello folks!

I wondered about general books on software engineering.
Googling I found lists like [1]. To my impression a lot of the books
promoted were about Java and OOP.
I am just starting out with go, but I have the impression that go
doesn't necessarily use those same paradigms. Maybe you can, but you
dont have to. Maybe the way go works there are even better ones. Maybe
the OOP like concept that go uses is better than the one Java is built on.

I am really young, and all just starting out. And I am totally not
informed enough, which I would like to change.

On my job I am coding in PHP/Symfony, but I saw that quite some people
use go for webdev these days. I hope to learn a lot and then find a
company (or convince my current one) to switch to go. If it makes sense.

Anyways, I wondered about the different concepts in go, is OOP different
here than it is elsewhere (Java? C++?), and will reading those
Java-based books confuse me when I want to actually learn go but want to
read about good software engineering too?

Are there any good general books that can bring me forward without
confusing me?

Some collegue (PHP programmer) suggested me to read "Patterns of
Enterprise Application Architecture", but not sure that fits what I want

I am a little bit lost here, I suppose my main problem is lack of
experience and not being around long enough to see and understand
historical development, differences and pros and cons.

Actually I hope some of you can help me on my way to become a good
software developer and a good Go developer too, who knows what he does
and why he does it.

best wishes,

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