nope I'm trying to import yaml file to structs.
in the link playground that I gave above my structs looks like this.
type (
Parameters struct {
keys map[string]string

Yaml struct {
parameters Parameters

and the yaml which is also above with gists link looks like

     database_driver: pdo_mysql
     database_host: database.local
     database_port: 3306
     database_name: test

I did try alternatives maps etc. even slices arrays already I know not suitable for string keys but it didin't work
On Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 9:13:59 PM UTC+2, Kevin Malachowski wrote:

I'm on mobile so I can't type out any code to help, but what happens if
you use the Marshal functions in the yaml package to turn a Go struct into

Also, are you familiar with struct tags?They look like `json:"fieldname"`
for the encoding/json package and are optional for that package, but maybe
the yaml package has a similar feature and can help out.
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