i'm writing an library for communication between minecraft and golang.
After a quick search i can't find something similar in go so i decided to
build some. Minecraft is opening a network socket and you have to establish
a tcp connection to communicate. There is a documentation of the protocol
to interact with the
game: https://github.com/salimfadhley/dojo-minecraft/blob/master/mcpi/api/spec/mcpi_protocol_spec.txt

My idea is that you have Player, World and Camera as Objects and you can
interact with them like setPosition. At the moment i'm passing arround the
connection to all of the objects. It doesn't feel right to do it in this
way. The only idea i came up with was to save the connection as a global
variable but i think this is also not the best way to do it.

Do you have some ideas to implement it? Maybe i'm totally wrong with my
ideas because it's one of my first projects in golang.

Would be kind if you could point me into the right direction.

There is a very early stage of implementation on my github
account: https://github.com/tobiaskohlbau/mcpigo
Maybe you have also some improvements to my actual implementation.

Thanks for your help.


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