On 29/01/15 09:50, Péter Szilágyi wrote:
It's a very fancy solution, but unfortunately it doesn't work, as it
encounters exactly the same problems as all previous suggestions: in Go,
all existing readers and writers are synchronous and blocking. Meaning,
that even if a reader or writer is buffered, the buffer is only
filled/flushed when it's empty/full. The issue with all solutions is
that you need to place the buffer in between the two threads, not
between a thread and the reader/writer endpoint. And this is what no
solution apart from my proposal solves (Jan's solution of course also
does it, just requires a bit more locking and gc).

However, given that it seems a bit hard to grasp the exact issue, I've
decided to put together a more formal proposal, with exact code snippets
simulating the issue and verification that the issue indeed does persist
in all above short/easy solutions:

$ go get github.com/karalabe/bufioprop/shootout
Excellent example code.

I've just read through your bufio.Copy code:

The error handling is potentially racy. You are writing the err
variable from two different go routines.

It is quite complicated - I have a feeling it could be simplified with
more buffers - I'll try to see if I can do better within your nice

Nick Craig-Wood <nick@craig-wood.com> -- http://www.craig-wood.com/nick

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