We've been very happy with Drone, but it does't have test coverage % or
gofmt. We run gofmt in our Makefile.

The other thing that Drone has that's really nice is lots of publish
plugins. For example, our Go code automatically builds releases for
Windows, OS X, and Linux on every commit to master and publishes it to
Github Releases.
On Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 2:26:58 AM UTC-8, Sankar wrote:


We have some code in a private git repository (hosted under a private
gitlab instance for now).

Does anyone have any experience with a FOSS, private (something that we
can host ourselves for the time being) continuous integration system for
golang projects ? At the minimum, we want to see: go build status, go test
coverage percentage, gofmt issues, icons in the gitlab project page
(similar to drone, coveralls etc. for github)

If the system could also highlight gofmt, go build errors on every merge
request of gitlab, that will also be amazing.

Has anyone tried a similar setup ?


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