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As discussed already, it is invalid to pass go pointers to cgo.
According to cgo wiki, there is C.CString function, that make copy from
go string to char*.
(Additional question, how this function make safe copy of go string, it
already run in cgo and GC work in parallel ?)
CString function is defined as: (cmd/cgo/out.go)
func _Cfunc_CString(s string) *_Ctype_char {
p := _cgo_runtime_cmalloc(uintptr(len(s)+1)) // this is C.malloc
pp := (*[1<<30]byte)(p)
copy(pp[:], s)
pp[len(s)] = 0
return (*_Ctype_char)(p)
But there is no equal function for byte slice.

The solution i came to, in addition to doubling memory allocations, also
double number of cgo calls:

package main

import (
//#include <stdlib.h>
//#include <string.h>
//int some_function( char *bytes, int num_bytes) {
// int i, sum = 0;
// for ( i = 0; i<num_bytes; i++) {
// sum += bytes[i];
// }
// return sum;

func main() {
data := []byte{ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}
cdata := C.malloc( C.size_t(len(data)))
copy( (*[1<<24]byte)(cdata)[0:len(data)], data)
fmt.Println( C.some_function( (*C.char)(cdata), C.int(len(data))) )


Is there a better way doing this ?
The correct way is to allocate the byte slice using C.malloc in the first
(i.e. don't first create a []byte on Go heap, and then copy to C heap,
allocate C heap and then fill in the []byte)
Thanks for response,

some additional questions:
Does call to _cgo_runtime_cmalloc have overhead of cgo call ?
If not, is it safe to call _cgo_runtime_cmalloc instead of C.malloc ?
It's the same as C.malloc. After cgo rewrite, C.malloc becomes
_cgo_runtime_cmalloc (this is a special case implemented in
runtime). It will go through the same cgo call mechanism as
other cgo calls, so it also have the cgo overhead. (And no, you
can't directly call _cgo_runtime_cmalloc from your code: just use

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