By escaped, I mean HTML escaping. Where "<" becomes "&lt;", for example. By
verify, I merely created a form, put in something like
"<script>alert("text");</script> and saw that the output was properly
escaped when I called FormValue(). I could therefore use the output
directly for storage or display in a template.
On Monday, 5 January 2015 19:35:59 UTC-8, Matthew Holt wrote:

What do you mean by "escaped the output"? Form data must be
form-url-encoded, so they are decoded (url.ParseQuery) for you. Is that
close to what you mean? And how did you "verify that it does" -- any code,
maybe a playground example?
On Monday, January 5, 2015 8:11:01 PM UTC-7, Rob Thornton wrote:

I could not find anything in the docs that said it escaped the output
(which I can verify that it does). Seems like it would be useful
information to have. Should there be an issue filed for this?
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