Thank you very much for all your answers.
Sorry, there was a typo in my question, I was looking for '==' equality
operators, and not assignments.

ssadump works like a charm, analyzing 80,000 lines in 15 seconds and
printing the exact line position of all the expressions I was looking for.
That's quite amazing !
Really a great and invaluable tool ;-))))))

For those who wants to try, I rewrite herebelow the code from
adon...@google.com's answer, with the code to look for equality of
*foo.Bar type.
Recompile with:
         go install golang.org/x/tools/cmd/ssadump
And run:
         ssadump myprogram

-------------- add this at he end of the doMain() function in the file
main.go of golang.org/x/tools/cmd/ssadump program --------------------

// Also add these two packages in the import statement.
// "go/token"
// "golang.org/x/tools/go/ssa/ssautil"

     var (
         my_package_name string = "foo" // <------- the package in which
your type is declared (only last element of package path)
         my_type_name string = "Bar" // <------- the name of the type
you are looking for
         my_package *ssa.Package
         my_ssa_type *ssa.Type
         my_type types.Type

     pkgs := prog.AllPackages()

     for _, pkg := range pkgs {
         if pkg.Object.Name() == my_package_name {
             my_package = pkg

             if my_ssa_type = my_package.Type(my_type_name); my_ssa_type ==
nil {
                 return fmt.Errorf("type %s not found in package %s",
my_type_name, my_package_name)
             my_type = my_ssa_type.Type()

     // A := types.NewPointer(types.Typ[types.String]) // A is *string in
this example
     // A := my_type // if i am looking
for my_type (foo.Bar)
     A := types.NewPointer(my_type) // if I am looking
for *my_type (*foo.Bar)

     for fn := range ssautil.AllFunctions(prog) {
         for _, b := range fn.Blocks {
             for _, instr := range b.Instrs {
                 if binop, ok := instr.(*ssa.BinOp); ok && binop.Op ==
token.EQL {
                     if types.Identical(binop.X.Type(), A) {

I have just a last question.
The program also prints expressions of the kind a == nil (where a is of
type *foo.Bar)
It is correct, but I would like to filter them out.
I haven't found the proper method in ssa or types package that returns
whether an operand is the nil value.
Can you give me a pointer ?

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