On Monday, 5 January 2015 09:50:43 UTC-5, adon...@google.com wrote:
On Sunday, 4 January 2015 16:27:31 UTC-5, nicolas riesch wrote:

I have a large program written in Go, and I need to find all occurences
of '=' operator with both operands being of type *A:

(expression of type *A) = (expression of type *A)

because I want to replace all these occurences by:

(expression of type *A).Equal(expression of type *A)

Does someone has some idea how to do that, by any chance ?
This problem requires type information (as computed by
golang.org/x/tools/go/types) and a more explicit representation of the
source code in which implicit comparisons (such as in a switch statement)
are explicit; the SSA form (golang.org/x/tools/go/ssa) provides both.

Add the following lines to the golang.org/x/tools/cmd/ssadump program and
run it on your application. It will report the source location of all
equality comparisons of type A:

A := types.NewPointer(types.Typ[types.String]) // A is *string in this
for fn := range ssautil.AllFunctions(prog) {
for _, b := range fn.Blocks {
for _, instr := range b.Instrs {
if binop, ok := instr.(*ssa.BinOp); ok && binop.Op == token.EQL {
if types.Identical(binop.X.Type(), A) {
I nearly forgot: the golang.org/x/tools/cmd/eg tool should be able to do
exactly what you want for explicit assignments (i.e., it won't catch
switches), like so:

% cat template.go
package p
func before(x, y *A) { return x == y }
func after(x, y *A) { return x.Equals(y) }
% eg -t template.go myprog

(If switches are important, you could use the ssadump code above to find
places that eg doesn't catch.)

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