Try using:
    interface{} //empty interface, instead of the IHello.
On Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:54:59 PM UTC-4, actberw wrote:

thinks, Chandra Sekar S
but i'm still wandering in which case, i can get (Z, false) .

在 2012年7月13日星期五UTC+8上午10时28分53秒,Chandra Sekar S写道:
What you're seeing is a compilation error, not a runtime panic. The code
does not compile because string type doesn't implement the Say method and
hence there is no way it can be an IHello.

Chandra Sekar.S

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 7:28 PM, actberw <act...@gmail.com <javascript:>>
hi ,every one
recently i start learning go, in go language spec
http://golang.org/ref/spec#Type_assertions ,
it says :

If a type assertion is used in an assignment or initialization of the

v, ok = x.(T)
v, ok := x.(T)
var v, ok = x.(T)

the result of the assertion is a pair of values with types (T, bool).
If the assertion holds, the expression returns the pair (x.(T), true);
otherwise, the expression returns (Z, false) where Z is the zero value
<http://golang.org/ref/spec#The_zero_value> for type T. No run-time
panic occurs in this case. The type assertion in this construct thus
acts like a function call returning a value and a boolean indicating
success. (§Assignments <http://golang.org/ref/spec#Assignments>)

i did a test:

package main

import "fmt"

type IHello interface {



type Man struct {

name string

age int


func (man Man) Say() {

fmt.Printf("name is %s, age is %d\n", man.name, man.age)


func main() {

var man IHello = Man{name: "actberw", age: 23}

x, ok := man.(string) // x, ok := man.(Man) // this is correct

if ok {


} else {

fmt.Println("assert error!")



when i run, i got a error message:

impossible type assertion: man (type IHello) cannot have dynamic type
string (missing Say method)

I don't understand the "in which case no run-time panic occurs" means.

I expect ok is false and no run-time panic happens,what should i do?

os is: mac os lion


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