The package name and an url isn't always the same.
For example package github.com/inando/clog/color has url
On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 8:59:43 AM UTC+1, Guohua Ouyang wrote:

Every time I go to get a package I need to move the cursor to the
beginning of the URL and remove these "http://" and "https://",
you may ask why you cannot just copy the short URL, yes, I can do that,
but it's still not very convenient to me, at least.
I usual to use CTRL A + CTRL C, then put it by CTRL V.

I'm wondering about this for a while, could it support both of them(with
or without the https://)?
I think it's not hard to implement it, just allow the URL and substitute
the "https://" to empty if it present.

and the warning message like below is not quite make sense, why I cannot
get the package because it cannot be allowed in import path,
I know how to use it in import path, please let me get the package firstly.

$ go get https://github.com/golang/go
package https:/github.com/golang/go: "https://" not allowed in import
$ go get http://github.com/golang/go
package http:/github.com/golang/go: "http://" not allowed in import
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