After more than 2 years of internal development, we're releasing Gondola to
the world today. Initial version is 0.90, which means that some breaking
changes might happen until 1.0 is reached.

Among other stuff, the framework contains:

* A regexp based URL router, with support for reversing (similar to
reverse https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/ref/urlresolvers/#reverse)
* An ORM with relational support and multiple backends (currently
database/sql and appegine/datastore are supported)
* A blobstore implementation also with multiple backends (bare filesystem,
leveldb with chunking, s3, gcs...)
* A cache with pluggable backends (redis, memcache, ....) and pluggable
codecs too (gob, json, msgpack...).
* An inheritance based template system (parsed by html/template, but uses a
custom executor)
* A declarative asset pipeline with support for asset compilation (e.g.
turning coffee script into js or less into css) and minification/bundling.
* A gettext based i18n system (generates .po files and then compiles them
back into Go code).
* A form builder/validator from Go structs, with different renderers
(currently only bootstrap is implemented, but more could be written).
* Support for pluggable/reusable apps (e.g. user registration is
implemented as an app).
* And last, but not least, support for GAE cross platform code (same code
works on both GAE and bare metal).

Documentation is still sparse and missing a lot of important parts, but you
can find some tutorials at http://gondolaweb.com. Source code is a
http://github.com/rainycape/gondola, while go style documentation can be
found at http://gondolaweb.com/doc/.


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