On Monday, October 27, 2014 7:41:05 PM UTC+2, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
It does more than that, including setting the fd to -1. There might be an
argument towards making that procedure safer when performed concurrently,
though, so that Close+Read will necessarily behave correctly. I suggest
opening an issue for that.
Yes, though not "atomically" (with syscall.Close()), which leaves a
race-window open (a small one, but still...)

Even setting fd to -1, by itself, is not "technically" safe...

Is it in the intentions of the library authors for someone to be able to
call Close + Read concurrently?

Also, is it guaranteed that close() will wake-up threads blocked on read()?
I haven't been able to find a (reasonably) definitive answer...


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