Yes, the kind of programs I write, very often need to interact with
hardware / kernel-services through device nodes. A LOT of device nodes. I
would also love to see netpoller-like support for such cases. Not only for
safer / more robust interactions, but also to avoid having one OS thread
for every blocked operation.

A while ago I patched the standard library to do just that, and it worked
fine, but the exported interface was rather ugly (and also very
Unix-specific) to even think that it could be officially supported.

Then, I wrote the "poller" package which does---very roughly---what
netpoller does, without special support from the runtime (albeit less
efficiently) and I'm using that instead.

Anyway, I'm veering off topic...
On Monday, October 27, 2014 8:21:38 PM UTC+2, James Bardin wrote:

Not to veer too far off topic here, but there was talk some time ago about
exposing a version of the runtime network poller for use on files in
general. That would also be nice for the rare occasion when you have many
files open, and don't want to end up with an excessive number of OS threads
blocked in IO.

I wonder if there ever any work on that proposal.
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