Hi there,

I'm new to Go and I can't figure out an error I'm having.

I have this code (http://play.golang.org/p/WWQvFsc1or):

package main

func MyFunction(ids []uint32, fields map[string]string) interface{} {

data := struct {
Ids []uint32 `json:"ids"`
_ map[string]string

return data

But when I compile I get the following error:

prog.go:5: cannot refer to blank field or method

What am I doing wrong? What does the message mean exactly? I understand
where the error comes from (I'm using the blank identifier), but I don't
understand why it doesn't work.

*Also, here's a bit of context as to why I'm trying to write such code:*
The actual code I'm trying to compile is more complicated, I stripped out
all the noise to make it easy to read. The actual code doesn't return an
interface{}. I did this in my simplified example to get the code to compile.

In the actual code, I'm trying to JSON encode some data and get the
following JSON string:


*Another digression:*
In my original code, I have written testing files. When I run go test, the
error I get is the following:

# github.com/xxx/xxx/blabla
github.com/xxx/xxx/blabla/_test/_obj_test/*blabla.go:176: cannot refer to
blank field or method*
FAIL github.com/xxx/xxx/blabla [build failed]

However, running go build returns:
# github.com/xxx/xxx/blabla
./*blabla.go:160: cannot refer to blank field or method*

Why are the lines reported (160 and 176) not the same?

Thank you for your help!

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