Thanx to everyone, I finally end doing something like this.

*// When I parse my SearchParams, I check which ones are present and I know
which filters to apply*

*// and append them to a slice of filters on the struct (pointers to

type Filter func(*SearchParams, *Thing) bool

func (t Things) Search(s *SearchParams) Things {
   results := make(Things, 0, DefaultCap)
   for _, thing := range(t) { *// iterate over my things*
     for _, f := range(s.Filters) {
       if f(s, thing) { *//and over my filters*

         *// if any filter match, that thing is good to ship*

         results = append(results, thing)
       } else { * // if any filter do not match, then we won't check the
   return results

An example of a filter.

func ByName(s *SearchParams, t *Thing) bool {
   if strings.Contains(t.Name, s.Name) {
     return true
   return false

I'm liking the code right know, I tried to optimize as much as I could
while trying to keep the code understandable and small. Thoughts on
implementation are appreciated. And thanks everyone for their comments.

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 1:43:24 PM UTC-5, egon wrote:

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 21:34:09 UTC+3, Guillermo Estrada wrote:

Factories sounds nice!! Kinda like working in Ruby. Do you have any
example of this ? (ir any project in github using them) to give me am idea
of am idiomatic way to refactor this.

He just means a function that returns a function... e.g.

func ByName(name string) func(*Thing) bool {
return func(t *Thing) { return t.Name == name }

Also, you might be overthinking this..
for loops are simpler solution in these cases... e.g.

for _, t := range things {
if t.Name == "something" && t.Age > 10 {

+ egon
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