I'm currently extending the "crypto/x509" package to work with key
materials stored on a HSM via the "github.com/miekg/pkcs11" package.

While all the internal structs as 'tbsCertificate', 'nameConstraints' and
many others stay the same it's the handling in 'CreateCertificate' or
'CreateCRL' that is slightly different, in PKCS#11 you don't have access to
the private key and you delegate the signing operation to the to
cryptographic tokens, such as hardware security modules or smart cards. I
don't want copy all the internal structs and helper functions but as far I
understand it's not possible to simply extend the functionality of the x509

Signing via PKCS#11 requires some other parameters as the library/driver,
slot, password, key identifiers and mechanism.

As the private key reference is currently an interface anyway I can imagine
that we add a pkcs11.Config (or ....) that would hold the PKCS#11 context,
session and CKA_ID (key identifier) that can be used for a different
handling and establish an external signing operation.

switch priv := priv.(type) {
case *rsa.PrivateKey:
case *ecdsa.PrivateKey:
case *pkcs11.Config:
panic("internal error")


The problem is that the PKCS#11 package is not part of the GO core.
Implement something like a PKCS#11 in GO could be interesting but I have no
time for a big project like that.

I'm currently thinking about a package independent delegated signature
system but have currently no idea how this could be implemented following
the GO principles.

All suggestions or alternative ideas are welcome!



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