Okay where to start..

I'm reading a bunch of filenames from disk, utf-8 filenames
inserting them in MongoDB via mgo
inserted document fields are stored with the actual utf-8 characters
e.g. { "name": "Anstoss.Stö.TRP+GRB.zip"}
Now in a pagehandler I'm reading those files from MongoDB via mgo

type File struct {
Name string

In the template I have
{{ range .Files }}
<a href="/files/{{.Name}}">{{.Name}}</a>

The output however is

<a href="/files/a/Anstoss.St%c3%b6.TRP+GRB.zip">Anstoss.Stö.TRP+GRB.zip</a>

but there is only 1 document
     "_id" : "e90644b9-b348-4955-a661-b78001d053ec",
     "name" : "Anstoss.Stö.TRP+GRB.zip",
     "path" : "a/Anstoss.Stö.TRP+GRB.zip",
     "size" : NumberLong(27584),
     "sha512" :

Why is this happening?
How can I prevent this?

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