I think on mac you should also do `import _ "net"`. As a side effect it
starts some event loop or something, I don't know. Just try it.
On Friday, September 5, 2014 4:13:37 PM UTC+6, Serge Hulne wrote:


I have been using nsf "gothic" (tcl/tk go binding) libary under Linux for
a while now : it works very well and is very convenient for adding a
tcl/tck-based graphical interface to a Go application.

However I experienced a few problems installing it under Mac.

In an attempt to solve that problem, I made the following modifications to
my Mac development environment:

- Installed the latest version of Xcode.

- Removed "port" (port of the Linux tools for Mac) entirely and installed
it from scratch to the latest version.

- Upgraded to the latest stable version of Go.

Now at least I can install "gothic" under Mac and it compiles without

I had to make the following changes to the "interpreter.go" file, so that
the header directives point to the correct library location:

5 #cgo !tcl85 LDFLAGS: -L/opt/local/lib
6 #cgo !tcl85 LDFLAGS: -ltcl8.6 -ltk8.6
7 #cgo !tcl85 CFLAGS: -I/opt/local/include/tcl8.6
8 #cgo darwin tcl85 CFLAGS: -I/opt/local/include
9 #cgo darwin tcl85 CFLAGS: -I/opt/local/include/tcl8.6

instead of the original:

#cgo !tcl85 LDFLAGS: -ltcl8.6 -ltk8.6 #cgo !tcl85 CFLAGS:
-I/usr/include/tcl8.6 #cgo tcl85 LDFLAGS: -ltcl8.5 -ltk8.5 #cgo tcl85
CFLAGS: -I/usr/include/tcl8.5 #cgo darwin tcl85 CFLAGS:
So that is points to the correct libraries.

The current situation is that the examples do compile, without any
warnings or error messages.

The problem is that the resulting executables run correctly only once,
after reboot and cannot be started a second time (they only display a blank

Has anybody had more success in using "gothic" on a mac ?

I yes, would be very grateful for some help on how to proceed.



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