On Tuesday, 26 August 2014 08:27:34 UTC+10, Stephen Gutekanst wrote:
Hi all, a few questions for those of you experienced enough with the Go

- I am writing very small SIMD assembly functions, like Vec32Add,
Vec64Add, etc.
- There was talk somewhere about a potential change allowing assembly
functions to be inlined by the compiler to avoid the overhead of a function
call, what ever came of this?

It is still something that we'd like to see, there are no plans at the
moment do to it as the current inlining scheme works at the source code
level, not the binary level.

- I can use the CPUID instruction to test whether or not an amd64 CPU
supports AVX instructions (like this
<https://gist.github.com/slimsag/294e1a93d3d0f920939f>) -- and I know
that all (except one?) amd64 CPU's support SSE2 instructions. But how can I
choose the right code path efficiently? I could do an if statement but it
doesn't seem optimal given that these are such small functions.

You can either do a test and set a function variable which you branch
through at startup, we do this for the runtime map implementation, look at
runtime/hashmap_fast.(go,c) or compile two versions of your program using
build tags.

- Any plans to add vector/SIMD instructions to 6a ? (e.g. vmovupd,
vaddpd, etc) I can lay them down using the BYTE pseudo-op but it seems like
something that the assembler should eventually have anyway?

Please open an issue on the issue tracker specifying the exact
instructions you want added

Thank you,
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