Hello Gophers!

I am wondering whats the point of interfaces which only define methods and
not also exported fields.

Consider following example:

package store

type Query struct {

  mongo bson.M


func NewQuery() *Query {

  return &Query{

   mongo: make(bson.M),



func (q *Query) Id(id interface{}) {

  switch t := id.(type) {

  case string:

   if bson.IsObjectIdHex(t) {

    q.mongo["_id"] = bson.ObjectIdHex(t)




type CustomerQuery struct {



func NewCustomerQuery() *CustomerQuery {

  return &CustomerQuery{

   Query: NewQuery(),



func (q *CustomerQuery) Name(name string) {

  q.mongo["name"] = name


package store

type Store struct {

  session *mgo.Session

  database *mgo.Database


func NewStore(s *mgo.Session) *Store {

  return &Store{

   session: s,

   database: s.DB(""),



func (s *Store) Find(q interface{}, models interface{}) error {

  m := GetMongoFieldByReflection(q)

   return s.database.C("foobar").Find(q).All(models)


As you see CustomerQuery "inherits" the `Id()` method from `Query` and
extends it with some `Name()` method. Using composition in this case saves
us from a lot of boiler plate.

However the downside I experienced is that we need heavy reflection to get
the field `customerQuery.Query.mongo` which is required by our database

Wouldn't in this case it be really nice if I could define an interface with
a `mongo` field?
I do not get the benefit why interfaces are only limited to methods. In my
opinion fields should be considered also as part of an api.


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