Hi there,

We are planning to use App Engine Modules (the successor of App Engine
Backends). However, we are having a difficulty understanding, how to put
handlers for Module URIs into a codebase, which is separated from our main
code base. I've provided a bit more background information
here: http://rottmann.net/2014/03/app-engine-modules-and-go-golang/.

Somebody on Stack Overflow suggested to take a look into Dispatch Files
however, that does not address the problem. We understand, that dispatch
files allow to define specific modules for specific URL patterns.

We are having a difficulty understanding how we should use the script: tag
in the module's YAML files to tell App Engine, to use a different module.
As far as we could find out by trial and error, all the script: tag accepts
as a value is _go_app. How would we tell App Engine, that a specific module
should use handlers defined in e.g. a different package?

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