Rectangle is a struct, so you can just use it. You can also use existing
implementations from the color package for Model and Color. E.g. RGBAModel
and RGBA.
On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 2:48:15 PM UTC-4, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:

I just want a solution to the following exercise on the tour.golang.orgwebsite,
exercise #62.


The exercise is to implement the image interface:

type Image interface {
// ColorModel returns the Image's color model.
ColorModel() color <http://golang.org/pkg/image/color/>.Model <http://golang.org/pkg/image/color/#Model>
// Bounds returns the domain for which At can return non-zero color.
// The bounds do not necessarily contain the point (0, 0).
Bounds() Rectangle <http://golang.org/pkg/image/#Rectangle>
// At returns the color of the pixel at (x, y).
// At(Bounds().Min.X, Bounds().Min.Y) returns the upper-left pixel of the grid.
// At(Bounds().Max.X-1, Bounds().Max.Y-1) returns the lower-right one.
At(x, y int <http://golang.org/pkg/builtin/#int>) color <http://golang.org/pkg/image/color/>.Color <http://golang.org/pkg/image/color/#Color>

I'm just learning Go, and I've worked through every exercise except this
one, because
of the different interfaces involved such as Color, Rectangle, etc, I'm
having trouble
with whether or not I should implement every interface involved because
Rectangle, and color.Model etc are interfaces themselves...

I'm obviously not thinking about this the right way. Could someone just
provide one
possible solution so I can study it?
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