Hi Gophers,

I worked into the wee hours last night trying out the RiotJS<https://moot.it/riotjs/docs/>approach.

I like it a lot - it is just so awesomely simple, straight forward,
pragmatic, and minimalist - in the true spirit of Go!

What doesn't work as well, is JavaScript, haha ;-)

TypeScript seemed like a natural step up from JavaScript, but as it turns
out, the type system doesn't really allow for practical mixins.

So I started tinkering with GopherJS <https://github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs>instead

I'm already sold on Go, and after playing around with GopherJS, I am pretty
much totally sold on that as well, and I want to use it for Riot-style
client-side development.

So I started porting the RiotJS components to Go - beginning with the event

Here's what I got so far:


Riot's $.observable() decorator uses strings for event types, and I've seen
something similar done in Go, but I think we can do better - I'm using
structs for events, and closures for event handlers, made possible by a
little reflection, in order to keep things type-safe.

By embedding a Sink in a model type, this should make for very intuitive
"mix-in like" syntax.

I tried it on the GopherJS playground, and it does work :-)

I have to sleep now, so the missing Off() method will come another night,
but I'm pretty jazzed about Go and GopherJS and I had to share this... :-)

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