I was initially tempted to implement lots of little things, such as
promises/futures, in Go - but I am quickly learning to change my opinion...
the truth of the matter is that futures is just a pattern - and in Go it is
actually a very easy and simple pattern to implement without any framework
or helper functions:


I find that a lot of things for which I would write (or find) "frameworks"
in other languages are simple and natural in Go, and frameworks for things
that are already simple in Go don't tend to add anything - in many cases,
they actually take something away.

Just my $.02 :-)

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 3:29:46 AM UTC-4, Thomas Bruyelle wrote:

Thanks Steven your solution solves a sync issue and is very elegant !
You are right, the main issue is the need of rewrite the type, and afaik
there is no generics in go.

I coded a kind of constructor for Future so the user doesn't have to
create the channel. Also I tried to implement error handling, but don't
know if it's good to use the same interface{} value to store the result or
the error. Maybe I should use multiple return values.


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