Hi Jake,

That's definitely on the roadmap, but we want to get the basics done first.
Right now the test runner is too restrictive in what it allows, so a lot of
packages fail because they require non-Go dependencies and network access.
Our first priority is getting those right, so any package can be tested in
our platform. Once we get this done, we'll also be adding support for
testing on multiple Go versions/platforms, so users can avoid to do that
themselves. We're also tracking performance regressions on our internal
version, but codebot.io does not yet run benchmarks because is a bit tricky
to get that right on a shared environment (our internal instance just
tracks one repository, so we don't have that problem). Eventually, we'd
like to have a complete testing and benchmarking tool, where users can
track their code quality and performance and get alerted when something
"bad" happens (a sudden quality decrease, performance regressions,
potential security bugs, etc...).

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 4:03:49 AM UTC+1, Jake Scott wrote:

Nice one!

Just a question, do you have any plans to do cross platform testing for
Windows, Linux etc?

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 3:26:04 AM UTC+13, Alberto García Hierro

We've just put online http://codebot.io which is based on our internal
tool for automated tests, coverage reports, code quality evaluation and
documentation. It's currently open and free for Open Source packages,
although we plan to add support for private repositories in a few weeks.
Code Bot tracks your Go packages and grades your code depending on several

Things you can do with Code Bot:

- Use it to present your documentation to users, with beautiful syntax
highlighting and cross references. See e.g.
- Automatically run your tests, check your test coverage and your code
complexity. See e.g.
http://codebot.io/doc/pkg/code.google.com/p/go.net/proxy - click on the
[codebot|B+] badge to reveal the package details. Then each new badge can
also be clicked to reveal more details, like the coverage of each function,
the missing documentation and each function's complexity.
- View your test coverage in a browser, so you can easily see which code
is not covered by tests. See e.g.
- See how each commit affects your code quality. See e.g.
- Get a badge for your project's README, like
https://codebot.io/badge/code.google.com/p/go.net.png (see the site for
instructions to generate your own one).

For more details, see http://codebot.io and the "Get Started" guide at

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