Hi GoLangers,

I use Axel (tries to accelerate HTTP/FTP downloading process by using
multiple connections for one file) under Linux
and tried to porting to WIN32
But here comes GoLang, it provides wide operating system support,
goroutines, network I/O ... so I setup the GoAxel project

To HTTP protocol, there is already http package provides HTTP client and
server implementations in GoLang, but ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body) will be
blocked when downloading SUPER ARGE file with VERY SLOW down speed
For example, set limit_rate 10k in nginx conf, then restart the service,
run @tuxcanfly GoDown example by go run godown
http://localhost/SUPER_LARGE_FILE, then it will be blocked when reading
Body io.ReadCloser

So I wrote my own conn package to handle net.Conn connection, Write to it
with HTTP HEADER, Read from net.Conn in the for LOOPING
Please someone show me whether or not http package is able to handle SUPER
LARGE file download, thanks a lot!

PS: GoLang is cool, less source code, but more feature function, it saved
my keyboard, I do not need to input huge number of C/C++ source code any
more :)

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