I know of its use in a few games. It would be natural for game related
events and drawing to the screen to be handled separately in a goroutine
and input in another.

Amusingly, the closest date I could find for the initial release of curses
was "around 1980" which makes me only slightly older than the library. ;)
On Saturday, 16 November 2013 14:49:54 UTC-8, RickyS wrote:

What could you do concurrently or in parallel, since the codebase is still
That is, could curses start prompting the user for input while it draws
the screen? Or something?
I would guess there is nothing you could do that was correct and reliable.
In my memory the old thing would have to wait until the i/o was done,

Perhaps you could reject any call that was not from the starting thread?
I guess the best is provide help for item 2).

Are there startups basing their product on ncurses?
It was designed originally for the vt100, hardware from 30 years ago. The
software is older than you (probably) are.
Best of luck.
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